About Me


Hi! I am Jagmeet Singh. I work as a technical architect in a MNC.
I have around 12+ years of experience in software development with .NET technologies primarily ASP.NET and C#.


My primary skill set includes C#,ASP.NET,ASP.NET MVC,Azure,SQL Server,jQuery, AngularJS and Javascript. Over the years working on various applications and domains I have also acquired good knowledge on software design and architecture.


When I am not programming,blogging or reading technical articles I like to watch movies and read books on science and philosophy.I play badminton and I am also passionate about travelling ,music  and food 🙂 .

What is Coding Canvas ?

Well simple answer …Its my personal blog!!!.It took me 9 years to realize that even I can write and ENJOY the whole process.Also in this whole process I have realized that it gives immense satisfaction to write and share knowledge.Hopefully I will continue to do this forever…